Polyurea Coatings

We import elastic and durable two-component hotspray polyurea coatings manufactured by the Dutch company Prokol – one of Europe’s leading producers of polyurea coatings, and a pioneer with more than 25 years’ experience. Rocathaan polyurea is a 100% pure polyurea coating. It is solvent-free and does not contain volatile organic compounds. In other words, it is VOC-free. Polyurea is chemically and mechanically more durable than conventional epoxy coatings or sprayable and mechanically applied polyurethane elastomer floor coatings. The product maintains its features even at low and high temperatures (up to 120 °C). The coatings provide durable and seamless waterproofing for many applications. Curing takes 10 seconds, and a 2-3 mm thick coating will withstand walkin


Rocathaan polyurea, which is suitable for roofs, can be sprayed over the old roof covering. Roof penetration areas, roof drains and other such structures can be sprayed to form a completely seamless assembly with the roof covering. The surface becomes completely waterproof and seamless. No refurbishment of the old covering, no demolition work, no hot work. All you need to do is remove any dirt, debris, moss and other loose matter from the old covering.  The rapid curing of the product makes it possible to spray wide areas during the day (hundreds of m2 per day). The manufacturer gives the product a 20-year material warranty. Rocathaan polyurea’s fire classifications meet Finnish building regulations.

Industrial Applications

Suitable for different surfaces and application areas such as tanks or floors, walls and ceilings. Polyurea hotspray coatings ensure excellent resistance to weather, chemicals and wear. Rocathaan products lower the industry’s maintenance costs against wear and corrosion. Corrosion protection can be applied to new and old objects alike, significantly extending their service life. Polyurea spraying is done quickly and slows down other activities as little as possible. Polyurea is perfectly suited for tank lining because it withstands many chemicals and industrial liquids, such as diluted inorganic acids (sulphuric, nitric, chloric, etc.) up to a pH value of 1. Its resistance to alkaline chemicals is also good (sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide) up to a pH value of 14. The applicability of the coating and the pre-treatment of the object should always be checked on a case-by-case basis. The coating is also suitable for corrosion protection against waste water, fuels, solvents, alcohol, glycol and dissolved salts.


Rocathan coatings are also suitable for the protection of steel and concrete structures such as bridges. In Europe, polyurethane coatings are widely used as coatings for carports, stairs, ramps and other objects requiring roughening. As the elongation at break of the coatings is over 300%, they can also be used to make a dense coating over expansion joints. Typical objects include car wash bays and car wash line floors. Public swimming pools, private home swimming pools, steel and aluminium structures submerged in the sea and ship steel structures are typical objects for polyurea coating.

Protection of Food and Drinking Water Tanks and Piping

Polyurea coatings can also be used to protect food industry and drinking water treatment piping and tanks. The range includes products approved for these purposes.