Polyurethane Raw Materials: Polyols and Isocyanates for Industry

Polyurethane offers almost limitless opportunities for new products, bound only by your imagination. We import polyurethane raw materials produced by the German companies PUR Systems and Huntsman, and by the Dutch Nestaan. Our speciality is raw materials for manufacturing polyurethane insulation, or PU insulation.

Polyol systems are produced with different blowing agents, fire retardants and customer-specific features. Applications for light insulation foams include panels, boats, pipe insulation, district heating insulation, refrigerators and freezers, water tanks, water accumulators and spray insulations. Our range includes many integral products, which are used by the vehicle, machine, furniture and electronics industries, among others. Elastomers are used for making coatings, as well as parts for the automotive and furniture industries.

Polyurethane or PU Insulation

We specialise in raw materials for insulation foams and in developing their applications for small and large objects. Product development is based on customer needs. Our goal is to develop customer-specific raw materials and a production method that ensures customer-efficient production and economically and technically competitive products.

We discuss your new product ideas with you in confidence and develop the raw materials and production process needed to put your idea into action. Our service also covers the testing and certification of your products.

Product testing of a current or new product with the new, modern polyol systems of the raw material manufacturer. Testing can be carried out on the customer’s premises or in laboratories. Test pieces made in test runs are always inspected by us before the product is greenlit for production.

Production of polyurethane products requires continuous quality control and testing of the final product. Our service includes testing of raw materials and of the quality and features of our customers’ polyurethane products.