We offer for applicators and industry both raw materials and equipment for manufacturing polyurethane or PU insulation products. We supply chemicals and equipment for the polyurethane industry.

Spray PU insulation Ekospray

PU insulation is the densest and most effective insulation, providing a vapour barrier, insulation and wind barrier with just one round of installation. Spray PU insulation has no aluminium coating, so it does not impair mobile phone traffic. Ekospray spray foam adheres to all surfaces, forming a moisture-impermeable layer on all objects: roof slabs, base floors and external walls. Thanks to its great moisture resistance it is perfectly suited for insulating base floors even from bottom, and for additional insulation of plinths. It can be sprayed on uneven surfaces, so it does not require straightening of the base structure.

Graco sprayers for spraying PU insulation and coatings

High-quality Graco spray application machiens are by far the world’s most widely sold contractor machines for PU insulation spraying. With Graco equipment you can spray high-quality polyurethane coatings even in the most difficult locations and environments. This is only possible because Graco sprayers are the most reliable spraying machines on the market for fast cure 2K raw materials.

SAIP industrial machines for industrial manufacturing of PU insulation and other polyurethane products

With SAIP industrial machines you produce accurate and good-quality castings. The Italian company SAIP manufactures dosing machines with output ranging from 1.5 kg/min up to 500 kg/min for producing very large product pieces.

Chemicals for the PU industry

We  import polyols and isocyanates produced by the German companies PUR-Systems and Huntsman, and the Dutch Nestaan and Prokol for polyurethane and coating production. Our offering range also includes the additives required by the polyurethane industry,  such as release agents and colours. With German made colour pastes, paints and In-Mould Coatings produced by Bomix Chemie and iSL Chemie, your products get the surface and colour you desire.