We supply applicators and the polyurethane industry with the polyol and isocyanate dosing, mixing and spraying machines and equipment they need in any size.

Graco Applicator Machines for Polyurethane or Polyurea Spraying

Graco is a pioneer in movable pneumatic or hydraulic piston machines in the 0.35-20 kg/min output range. In our country, Graco machines and spray guns are mainly used for spraying polyurethane insulation and polyurea and for making joint foam for district heating pipes. Graco/Gusmer is the market leader in applicator machines in our country. Machines and spare parts are shipped quickly from our warehouses, which are located in Finland and Baltic’s States.

SAIP Industrial Machines for Polyurethane Processing

The Italian company SAIP manufactures low- and high-pressure machines equipped with gear or axial-piston pumps. SAIP’s manufacturing programme also includes presses and production lines required in serial production. The production lines are either semi- or fully automatic equipment complexes for the continuous or discontinuous production of panels, district heating pipes, refrigerators, seals, parts for the automotive industry and parts for the furniture industry, and for manufacturing various castings.

Rotary Power is a quality pump trusted by PU machine manufacturers

Rotary Power hydraulic pumps specially designed for pumping polyurethane raw materials are a good choice for all polyurethane machines, regardless of the manufacturer. All polyurethane machine manufacturers trust Rotary Power pumps and deliver them as factory installations in their new machines.

Spare Parts Service and Maintenance

Our activities include a spare parts service and maintenance of machines. We stock machine wear parts in Finland and supply customers with parts with a next-working-day guarantee (if needed) anywhere in Finland. We can also supply spare parts quickly from our principals, where necessary, even on the next working day.