Bomix and iSL-Chemie colour pastes and In-Mould Coatings give your products a refined and pleasing appearance.

The paints are suitable for the automotive, electronics, furniture and leisure industries. Mechanically durable, well-adhering, hard, soft, flexible and liquid-resistant coatings form part of the Bomix range. We also supply specific coatings (such as oil- and acid-proof, UV-protected, conductive and fluorescent) in all colours and gloss options. In-Mould Coatings are often an attractive alternative in which the component is manufactured in one work stage. Mould temperatures over 40 °C make it possible to use water-based In-Mould Coating systems, whereby organic solvents can be omitted. Functional In-Mould Coatings form part of the Bomix range as well. Single-component systems can also be manufactured as self-removing, whereby release agents are not needed.

The dispersibility of the Bomix and ISL Chemie colour pastes guarantees the customer consistent quality and efficient production. Naturally, fade-proof and UV-stabilised colour pastes are also included in the range. The colour pastes can be incorporated into most PUR systems, and as a rule they are dispensed at the mixing end of the dispense machine.

Bomix and ISL Chemie products can be supplied in any of the most common colour systems (RAL, RAL-design, HSK, Pantone and NCS) or according to the customer’s colour sample. Thanks to Bomix’s specialisation, small quantities are also available.